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Jamin Xie

"..... Ms. Tai is especially experienced with preparing students for recital, exam and competition, which is evident in the results she creates in her students....."  read more

Christopher Sun

".....  In my son's own word: " after playing piano for four years with four teachers, I finally got the best teacher ...." read more

Caleb Salinas

"..... Her effectiveness and ability to adapt to her student’s learning style proves herself to be a fully able and competent instructor..... From the minute details of phrasing to the broader restructuring of ineffective practice routines Dr. Tai’s approach was both effective and lasting even when I later transitioned to other instruments....."  read more

Ethel Wong

"..... Instead of superficially reading and playing my pieces, she teaches me to thoroughly analyze the music in order to improve my playing and accompanying....."  read more

Ray Reuben Correa

"..... Dr. Tai has boost my motivation to become a better musician, music educator and person in life....."  read more

Kyle Richards

".....I don’t know if I would have gotten as far as I did without her pointing me in the right direction ....."   read more

John Pena

"Dr. Tai has an amazing way of teaching and connecting with her students during the lessons. She not only teaches you piano, but she also helps you develop excellent practice habits and good techniques to tackle different musical obstacles....."  read more

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